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Covid-19 Precautions

We care about your safety, always!
A man in a mask is loading a Forage Foods delivery truck with boxes that have the logo on the side.
Woman in a black mask with blue gloves on, holding up a delivery bag that is white with the Forage Foods logo on it.

Forage Foods is committed to the health and well-being of our employees, customers and partners.

We think it is important that you hear directly from us about the safety measures and operational changes we have enacted to keep you and our employees safe.


We are continuing to adhere to CDC and local government recommended actions relating to COVID-19. In addition, the following steps have also been taken (at a minimum) at Forage Foods facilities:

Cleaning + Sanitation

As always, our employees are strictly adhering to Forage Foods’ standard hygiene practices as outlined in our Employee Handbook at the highest level of compliance.

Hand washing and gloves have been added when delivering to client locations and we have enhanced these protocols with an addition of hand sanitizer.

Employee Health and Wellness

We continue to reinforce our policy for employees reporting illness. If an employee is suspected to have been exposed to COVID-19 - we are ensuring those employees do not come to work. If there is concern for an employee, be it COVID-19 exposure or suspected illness, we work with local health department to sanitize and close our facility as necessary.

We have implemented face masks for our delivery personnel and continue to promote social distancing within our facilities.

Limited Contact

We continue to adhere to government mandates and local guidelines for our operations and we will continue to act with your best interest and safety in mind, maintaining social distancing measures and continuing to make cleanliness a top priority.

While we pride ourselves on our customer service and experience and normally have our delivery drivers stock and review inventory at our client locations, we are now offering a limited contact delivery and giving the option of a ‘contactless’ drop off at customer locations.

Focus on Safety

We have shifted our product offerings and are focusing on having a greater variety in single serve versus bulk or shared items and have recommended that our clients reduce or eliminate high touch items such as bulk produce such as grapes or berries. We are estimating a ~50% price increase per serving to be factored into your weekly spend as single serve snacks are more expensive than bulk.

This situation continues to change daily and as such, we will continue to follow the guidance provided by the CDC and local health departments. In addition, we promise to do all that we can to keep our employees, customers and the community safe – all while delivering you the healthiest and best snack foods to keep your employees focused on what you do best.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate this challenging time together.