Employee Engagement and Organizational Success

December 7, 2020

What Is Employee Engagement?

And why does it matter to organizations?

The definition of employee engagement is an employee’s level of mental and emotional investment or commitment to their job, the organization, and its goals.

Employee Engagement Is Key to Your Organization’s Goals

You should know that employee engagement matters in many ways to your organization. Not only are engaged employees more committed and connected to your organization’s goals, they are also more productive and more innovative, helping to increase profitability for your organization. Additionally, employee happiness and retention are high for engaged employees, which also helps your organization’s bottom line.

The big question is, what are some ways that you can help keep employees engaged, especially during a pandemic?

Keeping Engagement High

More employees are at home and juggling multiple roles of employee, parent, and teacher. This has made it more difficult for remote workers to stay connected and engaged with their organization and its culture. The best way to keep employees engaged while working remotely is through increased communication and recognition. The most successful businesses have made employee engagement a priority in their organizations. This seems even more important during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Communication Is Key

People managers should think about and develop ways to communicate and touch base with their employees in meaningful ways. Plan on more frequent virtual one-on-ones, scheduling virtual team coffee or lunch chats to check in on mental health, work life balance, and overall wellness. Be intentional with your communications. A little empathy and understanding can go a long way to show that you are in it together during this unprecedented time.

The Importance Of Employee Recognition

Employee recognition and appreciation is extremely important while more employees are at home and not in the office. Simple acknowledgements like e-cards or written thank you notes go a long way to help boost employee morale. So is calling out employees for their hard work during team meetings. In addition to small gestures, the importance of bonuses, monetary awards and gifts are concrete and real ways to show appreciation to your employees. Things like gift certificates to Amazon, a make at home meal delivery service, or an at-home healthy snack box delivery are small but meaningful ways to help boost employee morale while working remotely. 

How Forage Foods Can Help

Scattered array of boxes with Forage Foods logo on them.

The team at Forage Foods can help you create curated healthy snack boxes filled with local Chicago favorites, to surprise and delight your employees. It’s an easy way to celebrate and recognize your employees. We can also design curated and healthy in-office snack deliveries for those that are in the office. We have enhanced COVID safety procedures and single serving options to provide your employees a workplace perk while staying safe.

Give us a shout to see how we can create something custom that helps you boost employee engagement.

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