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Introducing Forage Foods

September 25, 2020
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Hello! We’re new here! We are excited to introduce you to Forage Foods! We want to keep you fueled with healthy, natural, good for you snacks so you can eat, live and work your best!

Surprise and delight your employees with healthy, natural, local snacks delivered to the office or their home. A fully stocked breakroom not only enhances the employee experience but helps fuel productivity and boost morale.

Employee engagement is crucial to your organization because it has a direct impact on how productive, efficient and innovative an employee is. 

One third of a person’s life (or approximately 90,000 hours over a lifetime) are spent at work. And we want to do our part to make sure those hours are fueled with natural healthy snacks. 

Working with Forage Foods makes you look good by keeping your kitchen stocked with new, healthy, natural and organic snacks that can accommodate lifestyle diets from vegan to keto. Keep your employees at home energized and happy with an at-home snack box.  

Catering Made Easy

Need help with a lavish event or just ordering lunch? We can help with that too!  We’re here to make your life easier and offer custom services such as Concierge Catering for those hard-to-plan C-suite events. 

Snack Packs for Home Offices

Not in the office these days? We can help put together a well curated healthy snack box featuring local favorites produced right here in Chicago that will help you to raise employee morale and keep people feeling like part of the team, no matter where they are working. 

Delivering Local

Our food distribution roots reside in governmental and institutional order fulfillment as a minority-owned certified business. So,If your college, school, hospital or government facility is ready to upgrade their food program with healthier options, give us a shout! We’d be happy to discuss our bulk ordering options or to work with you to submit an RFP.  

We strongly believe in supporting other small local Chicago businesses, especially since we got our start as a small local minority business. We proudly feature local Chicago food manufacturers, provide packages tailored to your taste and help you to discover delicious new products before anyone else.

We’re excited to meet with you, answer your questions or just talk shop. We’d love to help keep your employees engaged, happy and filled with good-for-you snacks!

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